What is FMCG ?

Published: 09th March 2009
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FMCG means Fast moving consumers goods available in market as per the daily demand of the consumers. These goods include goods like: Milk, Rice, Bread, Vegetables and other eatable items. The consumer has a need for these items on daily basis and can't live without it. Therefore, the suppliers have deliver delivery all these goods in the market on time. Why?

Let take an example of a common man who has a job and a family. Early morning He & his family need breakfast. Then he goes to the market and purchases necessary items to satisfy "hunger". The items are bread, butter, milk, fruits & eggs. All these items are FMCG products. Because they are needed everyday . Therefore, we found from this example that the consumption demand was very fast as compare to other products (Cloths, furniture & others) , hence we call all such products Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Fmcg business is a hard core activity to be done on daily basis. Tones of food products are being delivered to retail markets and satisfy the demand of consumers. In early times there were no establish markets. So people have store lot of FMCG goods with them to satisfy their hunger in future, even in famines. But now things have changed, thousands of markets have been setup all around the world. This made a convenience for consumer to purchase fresh goods from the retail market nearest to their living homes.

Earlier monopolies rule on the market to make huge amount of profits. They don't want anyone else to enter their market and reduce their profits. But no one can live the monopoly for a long period time. The competition raised in every niche sector of the Fmcg market. More market competitors force companies to start applying management and marketing strategies to achieve maximum share of the market.

By: Vini Chandra

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